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Lean Government Webinar Series: Muda Eyes: Learn to See Waste

Presented by: Steve Elliott

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Bottlenecks in an assembly line are easy to spot; that’s where the piles of parts are. Bottlenecks in an office hide in Judy’s email inbox. Waste is everywhere, but you won’t see it stuck to the bottom of your shoe. Examine each of the eight kinds of muda (Japanese for waste) in detail, and uncover where they are hiding in your workplace.


  • Introduction: Waste Is Everywhere In Your Workplace
  • Key Idea: Every Step Of A Process Should Add Value
  • UWITDMOP: The Eight Kinds of Waste
  • Theory Of Constraints: Where Do Bottlenecks Lurk?
  • Eliminating Waste Will Reveal New Sources Of Waste
  • Better Processes Save Money And Time
  • Eliminating Waste Is A Hands-On Job: See For Yourself


  • Develop the uncanny ability to see waste in all of its forms.
  • Know which rocks to turn over to expose unused resources, unproductive effort, and the evil forces that impede the flow of work.
  • Find and remove bottlenecks to make work flow smoothly.

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