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Lean Government Webinar Series: Lean Leadership: The Long Game

Presented by: Steve Elliott

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Lean requires change throughout your organization. From top to bottom, everyone needs to be engaged. What do you do if the people at the top of your organization aren’t on board? The Lean process won’t succeed without the drive, dedication, and commitment of your leadership. Explore tactics that can help recruit leaders and champions to support the Lean initiative in your organization.


  • Introduction: Lean Leadership Succeeds Only With Long-Term Commitment
  • Key Idea: Bosses Create The Culture That Supports Lean Workplaces From The Top Down
  • Providing The Vision: All the Arrows Point The Same Way
  • Showing The Way: Management By Walking Around
  • Support and Rewards: Know What Is Going On
  • Evaluating Success: Rigorous, Fair, And Continuous
  • The Measurement Myth: Not Everything Needs To Be Counted


  • Determine what support currently exists for Lean in your organization.
  • Devise strategies to win your leaders and your cohorts over to the Lean side.
  • Establish leadership principles that will be implemented for the long haul.

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