Lean Government Webinar Series: Embrace Resistance: Turn Cynics into Supporters

Presented by: Steve Elliott

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Program Number: PM 135

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Some people don’t like any workplace change for any reason. However, others have good reasons to be concerned; they can provide insights into why something won’t work. Engage those people, listen carefully and respectfully to their concerns, and act on their feedback. When you include them, they become part of the solution.


  • Introduction: Resistance Is Not Futile; It Is Omnipresent
  • Key Idea: Embrace Resistance, And Learn From It
  • Recognize Behaviors That Indicate Resistance
  • How To Deal With Each Type Of Resistance With Your Secret Weapon: Respect
  • Create An Environment Where Productive Resistance Is Encouraged
  • Turn Concerns Into Standards For Evaluating Success
  • You Can’t Win Over Everyone


  • Recognize resistance; recognize the source.
  • Seek out and understand unvoiced concerns.
  • Create strategies to deal with resistance before it impacts your efforts.

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