Lean Government Webinar Series: Cultivate Change Agents in Your Organization

Presented by: Steve Elliott

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The Lean change agent’s role in transforming your workplace is very specific to the Lean model. The change agent will facilitate the Kaizen sessions where waste is identified by means of Lean tools and sustainable changes are made. The change agent is not the boss, but they need to be someone respected and willing to learn and implement Lean methods. Even non-Lean workplaces can benefit from this approach to change management.


  • Introduction: What Makes Lean Change Agents Special?
  • Key Idea: Your Lean Workplace Requires Lean Change Agents
  • The Lean Change Agent’s Job: They Aren’t The Managers
  • Identify Your Change Agent
  • Define Your Scope: Budget and Schedule
  • Visualize Your Organization’s Structure
  • Design And Execute Your Change Plan


  • Start the search for change agents.
  • Plan for initial training and organizational changes.
  • Develop the overall change plan for the next three years.

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